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What is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling (commonly known as spinning) is an exercise class focusing on endurance, strength, interval training, high intensity training and recovery. Participants ride a special stationary exercise bike with a weighted flywheel to the rhythm of music and the coaching of a class leader. Each 45 minute class will see an average of 500 - 800 calories burned.

Here at Limitless Studios, we offer a selection of indoor cycling classes, suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. No matter your fitness level, anyone can participate as each rider tailors their ride to cater for their own abilities, controlling the resistance and overall exertion during the class.

The studio features exciting and unique classes led by Kay Shutt, who's aim is to provide a professional and personal experience, with top quality, well maintained equipment. Kay's goal is to create a fun environment and ensure that everyone works hard and leaves the class having had a fantastic experience. Book a class using the links above and come and see what we have to offer!

Personal training in either sole or group sessions (two people) are also be offered by Kay (email Kay directly for a consultation).

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